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“Galleries are scrambling toward nationally relevant contemporary art,” says Willy Bo Richardson, a Santa Fe-born painter whose internationally acclaimed canvases of fluid vertical strokes hang at Canyon Road’s Turner Carroll Gallery. “The quaint notion of going to Santa Fe to buy howling coyote¬†art is thankfully disappearing.”

Luxury and Lifestyle Magazine VIRTUOSO LIFE July/August 2016 – Santa Fe Travel

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  1. I studied Albers and Itten color theories as well as Kandinsky and others… and of course my own personal experience with color in a continuing dialogue with the natural world. Working within boundaries we often find freedom. The colors are in a tug of war of sorts – reaching out for total freedom while being tethered to the earth. It is our human experience, or at least my human experience.

    If you have time and want to hear more about my vision, please read my statement (of sorts) called, “Dad, Why Do You Paint Stripes?”

    You can also check out a video where I talk about real world limitations and using that friction against total freedom… striving for ideal perfection, yet tethered to the ground:

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