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April | May 2018, Collector’s Notebook: Getting Down to Business

… Willy Bo Richardson is blowing that myth to smithereens. His large canvases startle and crack the energy of a room wide open. Vertical lines in bold sequences of color — deep ocean blue abuts turquoise abuts orange; the lines distinct yet congruent, separate yet in league. Though he was already successful when he applied to BAP (his works hang in the corporate headquarters of Loomis Sayles and Adobe Systems, among others, and were part of a prestigious 70-year retrospective of abstract art that included Jackson Pollock), he had no business training and felt his skills were lacking. The yearlong tuition-free fellowship taught him how to create measurable goals and then actually measure them; it encouraged him to dream big. Last year, he began to expand his work into the realm of architectural and interior design offerings, including textiles, and recently he initiated a partnership with the design firm Designtex.

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