Aug 012014

artbeat radio kvsf

ArtBeat Radio Interview • hosted by Kathryn M Davis:

Conversation about painting, teaching and the exhibition opening That’s Where You Need to Be, at Richard Levy Gallery in Albuquerque. July 31, 2014:


The Voice of Santa Fe, KVSF 101.5 FM Radio Interview.

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  1. Now that was beauty, Willy. It filled in some gaps in my knowledge about your past and dropped me right in the middle of your present. You are such a dear heart. I’m so looking forward to tonight.

  2. “Beauty has real laws.” “Beauty is delicate.” Says Willy Bo. Beautiful words, too.

  3. Gregory Pleshaw here, posting in one of my alter identities, thinking about you in Mexico. You are certainly a Renaissance man in your intellectual pursuits and I’m proud to know you.

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