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KSFR 101.1 January 5, 2018

Reporter John Shannon talks with Santa Fe based Artist Willy Bo Richardson who, through intense practice of martial arts, overcame a crippling sensitivity to chemicals in paint and cleaning solvents that threatened to upend his career as a painter.

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Feb 032016
PBS Willy Bo Richardson

For over 20 years New Mexico PBS’ award-winning ¡COLORES! series have explored the arts, music, history and culture of the American southwest. My vision and work featured on PBS weekly art series ¡COLORES! Friday February 7. Watch Full Episode Here: “Willy Bo Richardson, The Impressionists, Regional Theater, Jack Ross”

The Producer of PBS art series ¡COLORES! is Tara Walch; Unit Coordinator is Kathy Wimmer. Executive Producer is Michael Kamins. Major funding for ¡COLORES! is provided in part by Frederick Hammersley Foundation.

Nov 112012

Watercolors – the current exhibition at Phillips de Pury’s Chelsea location is a testament to the immense breadth of possibilities for this fragile, yet unforgiving medium.

The Watercolors“ show, curated by Kristin Sancken, Phillips de Pury features 92 watercolors by a diverse group of artists and includes emerging young painters like Willy Bo Richardson, Ben Blatt, Eva Lundsager and Annika Connor as well as such heavyweights of the art world as Eric Fischl. The show’s breadth is impressive as it attempts to examine the perception of watercolor as a fine art medium and the issues of value (art historical, economic and aesthetic) surrounding the medium and its relationship to oils. The exhibition is held at Phillips de Pury’s (now Phillips) Chelsea location until October 19, 2012.

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