Santa Fe Prep Alumni Art Show Opening Reception

Alumni Art Show Opening Reception

santa fe prep, nicola lopezOn Friday, January 10th, Art Department Chair Paula Castillo, will present a special show in honor of Santa Fe Prep’s prodigious 50th year. The opening reception will be held from 5:30-7:30 p.m. in the Santa Fe Prep Library.

This show will feature work by Santa Fe Prep alumni whose lives are devoted to art making and is a unique opportunity for the Santa Fe community to reflect on the impact of Santa Fe Prep on the local, national and international art scene. Artists include Nicola López ’93, Ted Larsen ’82, Peter Sarkisian ’84, Gandalf Gavan ’93, Will Clift ’97, Willy Bo Richardson ’92, Jesse Wood ’90, Carl Smith ’90 and Eliot Fisher ’01. Click here for a brief bio on these artists.

This event is open to the Santa Fe community, so please spread the word and we look forward to seeing you on the 10th!

Above: Nicola López, Infrastructure +3, 2012, Lithograph, 44 x 29 ¾ inches

Santa Fe Prep
1101 Camino De Cruz Blanca
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 982-1829

Prints seen in hotel on “Men of a Certain Age”

My prints in a hotel lobby scene in last weeks “Men of a Certain Age”.  With a little effort I was able to screen capture the video from TNT’s streaming page (the screen capture cropped the top of the video).

You’ll see the prints twice, in the very beginning and near the end of this short clip.  Download the short video clip here:
Men of a Certain Age- hotel lobby



Premise of episode:
The guys all decide to get colonoscopies and make a weekend out of it. Clip shows my prints in the hotel lobby – presumably in Palm Springs (maybe really in LA).

Click here for Full episode on TNT’s website



Jefferson City Commission, Willy Bo Richardson
Jefferson City Commission

Commission for private house on the Missouri river in Jefferson City, MO. The house is conceived as a series of differentiated spaces, with each specifically formed and located with glimpses or directed views across each other. The exterior walls are poured concrete and the interiors have dark walnut floors, designed by Garofalo Architects in Chicago.

Their house will be featured in the May 2010 issue of Wallpaper.

Marina Abramović MoMA Spring 2010

Marina Abramović (Yugoslav, b. 1946).

Strolling Audrey through Marina Abramović’s exhibition was quite the experience. You’d think getting my 2 year old familiar with feminist art would be highly appreciated by museum goers, but surprisingly my friend Stephie and I got moralistic looks as we slowly pushed the stroller between and around naked actors throughout the halls. The simple naturalness of their lack of clothes was in no way shocking to little Audrey who has never experienced the human form as sexuality, neuroses or power.

There is one piece where a man and woman are standing very close together, facing each other as the sentinels of a narrow entrance. You are welcome to cross between them, but if  you do, you’ll have to brush against their naked bodies because of their closeness to each other(stroller not allowed). Marina must have given them precise instructions on how to behave. They are standing absolutely still and do not respond in any way to nervous smiles or eye contact. They gave no signal as to how to cross or whether or not it is appropriate.

As I approached them I found myself entering a very real and intimate space. The warmth of human contact alone has an inherent tenderness, and I felt as if I were a child passing between my aunt and uncle or some other family members. To enter this intimate space for a moment was unexpected in a museum and the event will stay with me.

Sitting with Marina At MoMA
Sitting with Marina At MoMA

Excellent article by Arthur Danto in the New York Times titled, “Sitting with Marina”

Marina Abramovic resource on Artsy: Marina Abramovic page